Our lab has developed a number of software projects for fMRI data analysis, experimental design, and informatics, in collaboration with several other groups around the world.

The Cognitive Atlas - This project aims to develop an ontology for cognitive neuroscience.

OpenfMRI – This project is developing a database of openly shared fMRI data. – Developed in collaboration with the UCLA Center for Cognitive Phenomics, this site is an automatic meta-analytic search aid that allows for visualizing PubMed searches based on published neuroanatomic findings. – a project developed by Tal Yarkoni at Colorado University in collaboration with our group, which provides coordinate-based meta-analytic results for a large number of terms.

LONI Probabilistic Atlas – Developed in collaboration with the UCLA Laboratory of Neuroimaging and  Center for Cognitive Phenomics, this project provides free and open access to a probabilistic atlas of cortical structures in 40 healthy individuals, including all raw data. - Software developed by Jeanette Mumford in the Poldrack lab for statistical power analysis for fMRI studies.

Automated ICA-based denoising- Toolbox developed by Jussi Tohka at the Tampere University of Technology in Finland in collaboration with our laboratory and theUCLA Laboratory of Neuroimaging.

russ poldrack’s github – repository with code from several different ongoing projects.

Code to run various tasks used in the lab